Friday, 21 January 2011

Chris Allen on the 'i' word.

Below I've linked to a blog post by Chris Allen, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Chris has spent the past decade studying and campaigning on the increasingly prevalent trend of Islamophobia in Britain, and has quite literally written the book on Islamophobia.

He address succintly Baroness Warsi's statements that anti-Muslim prejudice has become socially acceptable, and also the Quilliam Foundations claims that 'Islamophobia' is a word that should be avoided, lest the terrorists win the battle for our words. I'd highly highly recommend reading, link below.

Anti-Muslim Prejudice? It's just Islamophobia in sheep's clothing - reflections on Baroness Warsi and Quilliam's comments.

There are a wealth of academic researchers, with years and often decades of experience in research on Islam and Muslims in Britain. Chris Allen is one such researcher, but there are many others. It would be beneficial if less attention was given to pseudo-academic think tanks and more time given to experienced and established researchers.

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